Mallorca in Winter

Mallorca in Winter

When thinking of Mallorca most people have pictures of summer, sun and beach in their mind. But the Island is also a wonderful destination to travel to in winter!

In general, the winter is very mild on the Island with January and February being the coldest months. The minimum temperature is 6 degrees, but during the day the temperature can climb to 15 to 20 degrees on sunny days. It rains more often than in summer but on average only 6-8 days per month. Even if in the typical touristy places, such as the Playa de Palma, Magaluf or Alcudia many of the hotels, restaurants and cafés are closed, there is still a lot going on in the capital Palma de Mallorca and in the less touristy places. Read on to find out why a trip to Mallorca can be an absolute highlight in winter as well!

1. Visit Palma de Mallorca

Personally, I like Palma, the capital of Mallorca, best in winter. It is so much quieter and more relaxed in the city centre and the atmosphere is very different from the summer when the streets are crowded during the day. On sunny winter days you can enjoy a cappuccino or a glass of beer outside in the streets and enjoy the sun. It is also worth visiting the famous cathedral of Palma de Mallorca in winter, as there will be less people. If it should rain, I recommend a cosy breakfast in one of our favourite cafés .

2. Shopping

The winter is perfect for a relaxed shopping tour in Mallorca since there are fewer people in the boutiques and in the streets. In Palma most of the shops are open all day from Monday to Saturday.

It is also worth visiting the Mallorca Fashion Outlet. The Outlet is about 10 minutes drive from Palma and offers a variety of brands at reduced prices. Especially when it is raining, a visit to the outlet is a great idea, because besides all the shops there are also some restaurants, cafes and a big cinema, where some of the movies are shown in English. The Mallorca Fashion Outlet is open 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

3. Hiking in the mountains or at the coast

Winter is hiking time in Mallorca! In summer it is often too hot for long hiking trips but in winter there is no excuse! Especially in the Tramuntana mountains, in the northeast of the island, there are beautiful hiking trails, where you can make stops in the beautiful villages of the island. Another idea is to drive to the east of the island and walk alongside the coast, for example from Cala Romantica to Cala Varques .

4. Discover beaches and walk along the beach

To the beach at 18 degrees? Yes, it's worth it! In Mallorca, there are countless beaches and bays where you can climb around a bit and take a stroll. And this is especially nice in the winter time, since it is even possible to be along at a beach, and believe me, this wont happen in the high season! Here are a few recommendations for beautiful "winter beaches": Cala Llombards, Cala des Moro, Cala Varques, Sa Rapita, Port Alcudia

5. Visit Mallorcas villages

During the colder season you should definitely visit Mallorca's mountain villages in the Tramuntana. In summer there is usually a lot going on here, but in winter there are fewer tourists in the small villages which creates an authentic and relaxed atmosphere. Find out more about Mallorcas most beautiful villages
Mallorcas most beautiful villagesr here.

6. Excursion to the Ses Fonts Ufanes

After heavy rains in the Tramuntana mountains you can experience a unique natural spectacle in the interior of Mallorca, near the village of Campanet, with a bit of luck. In the middle of the forest, water flows out of various spots on the ground, transforming the woods into a fairytale forest.

7. SPA & Wellness Day

On a cold, rainy day there is only one thing to do: heat yourself up in a spa! In Mallorca, there are countless hotels and many of them have saunas & SPAs that you can visit during the day without being a hotel guest. On the websites of hotelbreak and hoteltreats you will find some offers for Spa & Wellness days in hotels on the island.