Breakfast in Palma

Breakfast in Palma

In Palma you can find a bunch of cozy cafes to enjoy a delicious breakfast or a great brunch at the weekend. Some of them are a bit hidden and it took us a while to discover them. Here we will reveal you the best places for breakfast or brunch in Palma, serving great food and delicious coffee!

1. La Molienda

La Molienda is one of our favourite cafes to have breakfast in Palma and serves one of the best coffees in town. Even though it is located in a rather unknown side street of Las Ramblas in a small plaza, La Molienda is known and loved by locals and tourists. Here the food is freshly prepared with organic ingredients and local products. You can choose from avocado tostadas with poached eggs to sweet-scented cinnamon rolls. The best time to visit the café is when the weather is good or during off-peak hours, as seating inside is very limited.

2. mymuybueno DELI Palma

mymuybueno Deli is located in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, near Passeig del Born. However, it is not easy to find, as the café is located on the first floor of a building and has a balcony instead of a terrace. Mymuybueno DELI Palma exclusively prepares vegan products that are free of gluten and refined sugar. Smoothie bowls, oatmeal, protein bread with self made guacamole, delicious salads and cakes are part of the selection. Since everything is prepared with the best local ingredients, the dishes are not cheap. A piece of vegan cheesecake or a smoothie bowl cost around 7 euros, a piece of bread with guacamole around 3 euros. Nevertheless, I can recommend this place.

3. Mise en Place

Mise en Place is located in the middle of Plaza Majors and is the cafe to go if you want to enjoy a small breakfast with a good cappuccino and pastries or sandwiches in the city center. Usually, we avoid cafés and restaurants that are located in such a tourist area. However, Mise en Place has not lost its charm and also puts great importance to the quality of the products.

4. Arabay Coffee

Arabay Coffee is located at the corner of Plaza Major, not far from Mise en Place. The coffee here is great and personally, I think it’s the best coffee you can find in Palma. You can choose from different roasts and on the upper floor of the cafe there even is a small shop where you can buy coffee beans, small espresso machines, coffee grinder and other items from hip brands. The upper floor is also a good place to work or read.

5. Santina Palma - Brunch & More

Santina Palma is a stylish café located in the heart of the hip Santa Cantalina district. It's worth a visit all day long - whether for a brunch in the morning or for a drink and a piece of cake in the afternoon. The interior design is super stylish and also the food is very Instagrammable. Not forgetting to mention that it also tastes very good. ;)

6. Rosevelvet Bakery

Rosevelvet Bakery is a super cozy place in the old town of Palma and perfect for rainy days since there are only tables inside. The cafe prepares delicious salads, muesli bowls, sandwiches and amazing cakes! If you love cheesecake you should definitely visit this place. For good reason one can find here a big neon sign with the words “Sweet as hell”.

What is your favourite spot in Palma to have breakfast? Leave us a comment below! :)