Hiking at the East Coast

Hiking at the East Coast

Beach day or hiking day? You love both? Then you should definitely do the little hike from Cala Romantica to Cala Varques! This hiking trip shows the eastern part of Mallorca's with all its highlights: Turquoise, crystal-clear water, a fine sandy beach (which sometimes even has some pink sand!), wild coastal scenery and a natural bridget out of rocks in the middle of the water.


The most important facts first:

The tour is almost 7 km per route and takes about 3 hours (without staying at the beach). From time to time a little climbing challenge awaits you, but nothing difficult. Mainly, you have to walk on a beaten track along the cliffs. I wouldn't recommend flip-flops, but with normal sneakers are absolutely fine. If you are a snorkel fan, don't forget to bring your sknorel gear.

Let's start at Cala Romantica

The tour begins at the beautiful beach Cala Romantica. Usually, it's always possible to find a parking lot directly very close to the beach. During the low season there is not much going on here, but in summer it can get fuller, as there is a hotel and a bar directly at the beach.

Eearlier this year in March, we coud even find pink sand here!


Once you have reached the beach you have to climb up the hill on the right side. If you arrive at the beach from the parking lot, you should look for hidden beaten track path on the right side closte to the volleyball net.

Here, it is necessary to climb up a few meters you reach the top of the plateau. The view from here is already worth the climb! Now just follow the the track aklong the cliff. Attention: At the beginning the path divides into 2 paths. I recommend you to take the one that is closer to the coast. It is shorter, there are less scratchy bushes in the way and of course a much more beautiful view. :)

Afte 1 hour you will arrive at Cala Falco.


Cueva des Pont

After climbing around Cala Falco you will reach the Cueva des Pont, a natural and quite impressive stone bridge.


From here it is only a few more minutes to Cala Varques and you will get this amazing view:

FInally there! Enjoy the view and head down to the beach. Here you should definitely explore the caves on the left side of the bay with your snorkeling gear.

Careful: Even if Cala Varques is beautiful and you probably don't want to leave this place anymore be careful to head back early enough before the sun goes down. 😃