Wineries and wine tasting in Mallorca

Wineries and wine tasting in Mallorca

You are a wine lover and would like to learn more about the cultivation of wine in Mallorca and especially, taste Mallorcan wines? We have decided to discover the wineries of this beautiful island, take part in wine tastings and tours and share our experiences with you.

On the Balearic Island there are several areas where wine is grown. The largest wine regions are in Binissalem, Pla i Llevant and Serra de Tramuntana. Since the space on the island is limited the winemakers are not able to produce as much wine as the Spanish mainland. Therefore, most of the winemakers here focus on quality rather than quantity. This also means, that Mallorcan wine is hardly to be found on the Spanish mainland. The majority is sold and consumed on the island or exported to other countries in Europe (mainly to Germany).

For wine lovers a visit to the wineries (called "Bodega" in Mallorca) is definitely worth it and many bodegas offer tours and wine tastings. Here we introduce you to the bodegas that we have already visited. The list will certainly get longer in the future. :)

1. Macià Batle

Bodega Macià Batle is located in the small town of Santa Maria and is one of the oldest and largest wineries on the Balearic Island. Mallorcan wine is being produced here since 1856. The Bodega can be easily reached from Palma. Either 15 minutes by car or you can take the train from Plaza de Espana and be there in 20 minutes, as the train stop in Santa Maria is right next to the bodega.

Bodega Macia Batle in Mallorca, Spain

The wine tour we took part in was 12 EUR per person and it was a group of 20 - 25 people. At the beginning, the guide told us interesting facts about the winery, the founders, the history and the location of the vineyards. Then we went to the wine cellar. Here we could take a look at the oak barrels, the bottle storage, where full wine bottles are stacked on top of each other like dominoes, and the machines for bottling and labelling the bottles. We also learned interesting facts about the production process of the wine.

Wine bottles in cellar

Afterwards we started the tasting. Depending on the weather, it takes place either inside the shop or in the patio. Normally 4-5 different wines can be tried. The wine is accompanied by crackers with the homemade olive pastes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a few other delicacies. Afterwards the way to the shop is not far away and you can do some wine and delicacies shopping!) All in all, the tour with the tasting takes about 2 hours.

Of course, it is also possible to visit the bodega without doing a tour and just buy wines in the shop. The owners of the bodega are not only wine lovers but also art lovers. Therefore, many of the bottles have special labels with printed works of art and also in the shop and the cellar there are, beside the numerous prices that Macià Batle has already won, many works of art on the wall.

On the website of the Bodega Macià Batle you can find more information and contact details to book your tour.

2. Son Prim

The modern Bodega Son Prim was founded in 2003 and is located on the Pla de Mallorca, in the centre of the island between Inca and Sineu. It is one of the smaller wineries on the island and produces exclusive, high-quality wine. Prices start at 11,50 EUR per bottle.

Bodega Son Prim

A tour in Son Prim teaches you about wine growing and wine making in Mallorca and the culinary culture of the island.

We spontaneously passed by the winery in winter at the weekend and just entered without doing a reservation. We were lucky and received an "exclusive tour and wine tasting" for the two of us as there wasn't going on that much in that moment. But usually you should book in advance.

In general, you can book 4 different types of "experiences" on the website of Son Prim (starting from a simple wine tasting from 6 EUR p.p. to a visit with gastronomic experience from 59 EUR p.p.).

3. Vins Can Novell

In the centre of Binissalem you can find Vins Can Novell, a traditional bodega that offers Mallorcan wine at unbeatable prices. The rustic shop has a very special charme and many residents and restaurants from the surrounding area and whole island purchase there directly. There is even the possibility to come with empty bottles and fill up the wine directly from small barrels for great prices.

Shop Bodega Can Novell

We reserved the wine tasting in advance by telephone for a small group of friends. During the tasting, we sat comfortably in a circle with the owner of Vins Can Novell and while tasting 7 different wines(from white wine to naturally sweet dessert wine) we learned interesting facts about them. After sipping at 7 glasses our shopping list was long! :D

Bodega Can Novell

Which vineyards have you visited in Mallorca already? Leave your comments and recommendations below!