Tacos and Mexican Restaurants in Palma

Tacos and Mexican Restaurants in Palma

Tacos have been very popular throughout South and North America for a long time and recently there are more and more places offering these Mexican delights also here. Originally, tacos are a Mexican street food that you eat straight out of your hand and they come in many different varieties. Small tortillas made of corn or wheat flour are filled with various ingredients and combinations, often meat and vegetables or fish and vegetables.

After watching the Netflix documentary "Taco Chronicles", we have become real taco fans and started to look out for the best tacos in Palma. From the trendy fusion restaurant in Santa Catalina to the traditional Mexican restaurant in our barrio Pere Garau. Here you will find the tastiest tacos in Palma!

1. El Aquanauta

El Aquanauta is a small, stylish restaurant in trendy Santa Catalina on the Avenida Argentina. It offers about ten types of tacos that come in creative combinations, from. The last time we went there we tried the "Tulum Tacos": Fish marinated in tamarind sauce with mango salsa. But also well-known varieties like tacos filled with chicken and Mexican salsa are offered here.

For a taco you pay about 5-6 EUR at El Aquanauta. These are certainly not the cheapest tacos in town, but the atmosphere and interior in the small restaurant are worth every euro. Besides tacos you can also order tostadas, quesadillas, poke bowls and ceviche at El Aquanauta.

Recommendation: Since the restaurant is in a popular location and does not have many seats, you should book a table in advance.


2. Chapultepec

Chapultepec is a Mexican restaurant in the middle of Palma's district Pere Garau, where tourists rarely get lost. The restaurant offers an authentic Mexican cuisine with a large menu and the atmosphere is cozy and familiar. 2 tacos are being served for about 8 EUR.

Even though the restaurant is not located in the city centre of Palma, Chapultepec is very popular and always full at dinner time. This is why you should make a reservation in advance. Besides tacos, we also recommend dishes with pulled pork and beans, the quesadillas and margaritas :P

3. Mala Madre

Mala Madre is a fancy restaurant in Portixol, with a nice selection of street food from around the world and exotic dishes. The interior alone is already a reason why you should eat at Mala Madre. On one wall there is a vertical garden and on the other one a large portrait. Mala Madre does not specialise in Mexican food or tacos (there is only 1 type of tacos on the menu), but they were super tasty! The meat was very tender and the marinade had special spices. For 2 Tacos we paid around 10 Euros. Because the menu looked so interesting, we didn't just order tacos, but also tried the homemade bread, Senegalese burritos and burrata. Everything very tasty.

In addition to exotic dishes, Mala Madre also specialises in the creation of cocktails and delicious drinks. The perfect combination!

We visited the restaurant spontaneously during the week one time and that evening a reservation was not necessary. But during the weekend, you should give them a call to be on the safe side.


4. El Yucateco Pelana

If you are looking for authentic Mexican food and traditional tacos then you should definitely visit El Yucateco Pelana. There are 2 of these heavenly places in Palma. One is not far from Plaza Espanya and the other one is near Calle Blanquerna.

The value for money is great here and especially for lunch the tables are always full. It is not a chic restaurant for a romantic dinner, but it has a very special and authentic charm. Guests sit at small tables with colourful plastic tablecloths, on the ceiling hangs a piƱata and the walls are colourfully painted with Mexican themes. The selection of tacos is huge here and even overwhelmed me a bit on my first visit!)

You can get tacos here from 2.50 Euro. Since the choice is huge, we will definitely come back to try different tacos the next time!

5. 7 Machos

Instead of burger or pizza after the partying, 7 Machos offers tacos and nachos! It is a small restaurant in the middle of Santa Catalina and the place to go for a quick snack after a bar or club visit. The selection is not big, but everything is super delicious. You order at the bar, wait outside and when you hear your name you get the tacos right on your hand. For those who do not want to eat their taco quickly, there is the possibility to sit down at tables in the basement of the restaurant. But most of the times, the "Cool Kids" are eating upstairs or at the street.

In total there are 4-5 different kinds of tacos: chicken, beef, ceviche or tofu. For one taco you pay 3,50 Euro at 7 Machos. Besides the tacos we can also recommend the nachos and burritos - and the mojitos! :P