The 5 most beautiful beaches on the south-east coast

The 5 most beautiful beaches on the south-east coast

On the south-east coast of Mallorca you can find a variety of different beaches, varying from wonderful small bays, like Cala D'es Moro, to the long sandy beach Es Trenc. Most of these beaches in the east are no longer " secret" and in summer it can get quite crowded there. Nevertheless, they belong to my favourite places in Mallorca.

1. Es Trenc - The Caribbean Dream

Es Trenc is a beautiful long sandy beach with turquoise clear water. If you search for "Es Trenc" in Google, you could even think that it is a beach in the Caribbean. Es Trenc is part of a protected natural area and extends 10 km from Sa Rapita to Colonia Sant Jordi. Most of the time the water is very calm here and you can walk inside for meters before it gets deep. Therefore, the beach is popular with many holidaymakers, from families with small children to friends who play beach ball in the water.

In the high season, there is always a lot going on here, which affects the atmosphere and water quality. During our last visit we were also a little shocked by the prices of the small beach huts "chiringuitos". With 5 euros for a small bottle of water we were thinking twice if we are really thirsty! :D The best thing is to buy drinks and snacks in one of the many supermarkets on the way to Campos. In general the beach is very easy to reach by car and there are many parking lots available. However, in summer there is a charge for parking (approx. 5 Euro per car).

In spite of being quiet crowded in summer, Es Trenc is a beach that you should definitely visit. In winter there is hardly anything going on and the parking is free. Therefore, this beach is the perfect place for long ocean walks.

2. Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards is a bay with sandy beach and turquoise water located in the east of Santanyi. The small beach is surrounded on both sides by rocks, where you can go for a short walk or spread out your towel. At the right side of the rocks there is a ladder into the sea so that you don't have to walk to the beach or jump inside the water from the plateau. As the water is so clear and there are rocks at the side, Cala Llombards is a nice bay for snorkeling.

In the main season, a beach hut is open that sells ice cream, cocktails and other dishes such as fish dishes and chips. In summer you have the possibility to rent sunbeds with parasols and there is also a bathroom. At the back of the cottage there is a volleyball net where everyone can play. In general the beach is popular with almost everyone: tourists, locals, families, couples and friends. For me Cala Llombards is the typical "postcard beach" of Mallorca. Directly at the beach there are a few parking lots or you can park at the side streets in the village.

3. Caló des Moro

The small bay of Caló d'es Moro is not far from Cala Llombards and is a real insider tip for those who are in Mallorca for the first time. The bay is located in the middle of a small nature reserve. If you drive from Campos and Santanyi in direction of the beach, you can't miss the large parking lot, which is about 10-15 minutes walking distance from the beach. A few years ago, it was possible to drive close to the beach by the field/ local roads. But because the roads are so narrow and many drivers had the same idea, there was always a total chaos in summer. Now only residents are allowed to drive into these streets. This is also controlled and can be expensive if you don't have a resident sticker!

Back to the beach: Caló des Moro belongs to my absolute favourite beaches on Mallorca. The colour of the water looks super beautiful and you can snorkel very well. Especially at the right side there are corals and many fishes at the rock walls. As the sandy area at the beach is very limited, I would only pass this beach early in the morning or in the evening during the main season.

4. Cala s’Almunia

Cala s'Almunia is situated only a few steps away from Caló des Moro. It is not a typical beach for with a sandy area for relaxing, but I can recommend everybody to pass by and enjoy the view to the sea from the rocky plateau. The view to the sea from here is simply wonderful! It is also possible to swim and snorkel.

Toilets or possibilities to buy drinks and food are not available in Cala Caló des Moro and Cala s'Almunia. Here you can find pure nature! :)

5. Cala Santanyi

Cala Santanyi is located, as the name indicates, in the municipality of Santanyi, The beach is very similar to Cala Llombards with the difference that here is a little more going on, as the beach is closer to a town having a hotel with bar directly at the beach. It is visited by many families and guests of the hotels around. At the beach there are some sunbeds with parasol which can be rented as well as the possibility to use the toilets.

Are there any other beaches on the southeast coast of Mallorca that you like? If so, which ones? We are looking forward to your comments!